Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline

Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline

Subtitle : Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in One Month or Two Months
Author : Rick Mystrom
ISBN No. : 9781594337192



Book : Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline

ISBN Number : 9781594337192
Book Name : Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline (Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in One Month or Two Months)

Rick Mystrom’s Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline, clarifies and and beautifully graphs the answer to everyone’s most frequently asked health question: What should I eat? The answer is based on more than 60,000 blood tests he’s given himself after nearly every meal he’s eaten for the past 34 years. Type 2 diabetics as well as Type 1 diabetics and/ or Parents and loved ones of Type 1 diabetics will benefit greatly from this book. Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline—Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in One or Two Months—Your Choice.

Author : Rick Mystrom

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