Alaska’s Children’s House

Alaska’s Children’s House

Subtitle : Building Essential Skills, Independent Thinking, and Character
Author : Verna Euwer
ISBN No. : 9781594335358


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Book : Alaska’s Children’s House

ISBN Number : 9781594335358
Book Name : Alaska’s Children’s House (Building Essential Skills, Independent Thinking, and Character)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 5.5X8.5
Book Weight : 0.52

Preschool is a time in a child’s life when adults can stimulate a child’s brain to grow as they pass through the various stages of childhood. These changes should involve their motor and sensory functions through experiences in their environment. The purpose of a preschool should be to lay the groundwork to build on for the future. Certainly, it should not be to make little academic wizards of the children. Instead, there should be devices to help children refine the needed essential skills in life, opportunity to improve their motor skills, be introduced to some of the basics of the academic world, learn about the community in which they live, and yet remain a young child in heart and soul. Alaska’s Children’s House gives you ideas for all these.

Author : Verna Euwer

Verna Euwer, a 52-year resident of Alaska, began her career by teaching in the public schools for 12 years. After attending many classes on early childhood development, an emerging field, she traveled the world studying preschool programs to gain a better insight into early education. In 1967 Verna opened her own preschool and kindergarten, Alaska's Children's House. She has also been an instructor, supervisor, and trainer for Head Start at the University of Alaska. Alaska's Children's House represents more than six decades of successfully building character, independent thinking, and essential skills in young children. Verna, a retired senior citizen living in Palmer, Alaska, continues to work with teachers and parents for the development of children.

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