The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo 2

The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo 2

Subtitle : Nomad on the go
Author : Christy Lowry
Series : The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo
ISBN No. : 9781594336836



Book : The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo 2

ISBN Number : 9781594336836
Book Name : The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo 2 (Nomad on the go)
Book Series : The Curious World of Gecko ‘Da Echo
Book Size : 7.81X5.61
Book Weight : 0.1

Having just given the slip to his new family who he’s barely met, Gecko ‘da Echo gives in to his urge to roam. So it’s unknown when he’ll go home. At Lahaina, where ships dock, he has his first mishap. A slippery banana peel trips him up; he does a back flip, landing him on a cargo ship! Knocked out, he doesn’t come to until this ship has left port. He starts waking up as the ship’s deck hands call attention to a mysterious dark cloud coming from Maui, his home now receding into the distance. As the cloud quickly gains on the ship, it turns into birds of prey, on the prowl for food. Gecko ‘da Echo successfully pulls a survival trick only geckos know; and finding no food, the rowdy birds leave. ‘Da Echo and the ship’s crew survive to live another day!

Author : Christy Lowry


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