How to Present Your Book, and Your Author Brand, at Book Signings

By evan| 02/14/2017
The dos and don’ts of organizing and conducting book signings Book signings are a fantastic way to create buzz, market your book, gain readers, and strengthen your platform. However, there is a right and a wrong way to organize and conduct book sig...

Why All Authors Must Be Marketers, Too

By evan| 01/31/2017
If you want to sell your book, you must become a marketing expert. Here’s how. If you’re a writer, you probably feel like writing and marketing are worlds apart. While writers toil away at keyboards, reach into their inner selves and ignite each ...

How to Avoid Publishing Scams and Unscrupulous Literary Agents

By evan| 01/24/2017
Everything new authors need to know about avoiding costly and devious predators in publishing You’ve written a piece you are proud of and now you’re ready to publish and promote. Congratulations! Unfortunately, there are a number of scams that wi...

Why You Should Write for Meaning, Not Fame

By evan| 01/17/2017
Writing from the heart produces better books—period. Picture fame. What does it look like? Money? A placard with your name on it? A shoutout in Publisher’s Weekly? Bragging to strangers at parties? Try to read the first page of the book that got ...

How Do You Define Success?

By evan| 01/05/2017
We’ve been taking a hard look at what makes a successful author. Of course the first thing we did was to try and define success and discovered again that success is a personal thing and one definition doesn’t fit everyone; however, the exercise b...

Making The Most Out Of Social Media: LinkedIn

By evan| 12/06/2016
As an author, the social media and social networking world can be mind-boggling. Do you use Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? All of the above? Many argue that LinkedIn better serves business authors, but in reality LinkedIn’s social networking plat...

Over The Transom

By evan| 11/30/2016
Sometimes a salesmen may remark, “It just came in over the transom;” meaning that an unexpected sale occurred without effort by the salesmen. When these rare occasions occur it’s a time for celebration and thanks giving. That’s just what happ...

Making The Most Out Of Social Media: Facebook

By evan| 11/04/2016
According to Facebook more than 1,500 possible stories are filtered through per day on an average Facebook user’s News Feed. So, how do you make your story stand out? This week, we’re exploring how to tap into this vast readership, and build your...

How to Decide Between Publishing an eBook or a pBook

By evan| 10/31/2016
When you are setting out to have a book published, one of the first things you must consider is the format of the book: pBook (printed book) or eBook (electronic book). The print vs. digital debate still rages on; but why choose when you don’t have...

How to Choose Which Publishing Program is Right For You: Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire

By evan| 10/11/2016
As writers ourselves, we understand what writers want. As publishers, we know what writers need when it comes to their book. Unlike other book publishers who have a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide the new or veteran author with not only integr...
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