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Here's What Some Of Our Authors Say About Us


In 1999, I met with Evan Swensen. After meeting him, I concluded that he was a man whom I could trust with my baby. Evan has helped me to touch the lives of many families across the USA and around the world in a very positive way. If you're looking for a publishing company that is headed by a man of integrity who is ethical and fair in his business practices, then Evan Swensen is your man and Publication Consultants is your company. There's no need to look anywhere else to publish your book. You can relax. You have found a home and family with Evan Swensen and Publication Consultants.
Dr. Matthew Johnson, Author of Family Rules, Parenting with a Plan

I have worked with Evan Swensen and Publication Consultants on all seven of my books. Evan has been kind, patient, and more than helpful in getting me through the process. He restored my confidence when I was flailing and he provided direction where his voice of experience could best guide me. He is open to both ideas and suggestion, and works in a true collaboration with his authors. Beyond that, he is honest and reliable. I don't think a person could find a better person to help them produce a book that imparts a more polished and professional effect. Evan and Publication Consultants are the best choice for authors who really want a quality product and I could not give them a higher recommendation as both people and as professionals.
Marianne Schlegelmilch, Author of Solo Flite, Coho Waterboy, Raven's Light, Gaston's Crow's Nest, Feather From A Stranger, Two Tickets and A Feather, and Driftfeather

I'm proud to be affiliated with Publication Consultants.
Dianne Barske, author of Two Bears There, Mukluks for Annabelle, and How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant?

When searching for a publisher for El Gancho, I asked God to steer me to an upstanding company. There is no doubt in my mind that He answered my prayer.
Mike Travis, author of El Gancho and Melozi

We feel so fortunate that we hooked up with Publication Consultants instead of some other company that may or may not have treated us so well.
Patti Kilson, author of Song of the Raven and Carina

I am glad to to have my book published with Publication Consultants. I frequently recommend you to other would-be authors and they always ask me why. I summarize my feelings by saying, "Evan is honest."
Dan Maclean, author of Paddling the Yukon

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